The BCCI DE&I Action Champion Network is rooted in earlier projects by The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy starting in 2016 focusing on the topic which brought together a multitude of companies, institutions, associations and individuals.  Based on earlier experiences and building on the success obtained from the previous initiatives, Aaron Pugliesi and Donatella Cungi decided to raise the bar and pursuit the goal of making a large scale impact on DE&I with an entirely different approach and paradigm.  The Action Champion Network focuses on two key elements:

    1. concrete actions that contribute to promoting inclusion and to fostering the unique qualities of each individual;
    2. approach the topic with a holistic model which assumes that individuals should not be labeled and categorized on the basis of what distinguishes them from the “norm” (average), but rather recognized as all being unique and similar at the same time.

The Action Champion Network is an inclusive group of companies, institutions, experts, associations, individuals, headed by a Steering Committee which is coordinated by two Co-Chairs.  The anyone is welcome to join the Network by contributing with ideas and initiatives that contribute to the promotion of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society.