Aaron Pugliesi

Secretary General & CEO


The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy – Secretary  General & CEO

Aaron was born in Milan, Italy and educated in the English speaking school system from an early age. A graduate in International Affairs with a minor in International Economics from the American University of Paris, Aaron returned from France in 1999 to join his family’s business, RE Participazioni e Organization d’Azienda SpA (Gruppo RE), a holding company with 12 subsidiaries focused on financial and real estate services for large Catholic Institutions.

During his fourteen years involvement with Gruppo RE, Aaron served on the Permanent Committee for Orientation and Control and was part of the holding company’s management team, with an aggregate turnover of 100 million Euro and 190 employees. His experience spans from business development, financial analysis, set up and launch of an advertising agency (Pubblietica Srl), to complex projects ranging from transformation and dismissal of large real estate properties (Il Consulente RE). Aaron has led teams of experts through strategic analysis, data mining, internal and external approvals including Canon Law and Civil Law.

In 1999, he co‐founded Easy Milano, the first publication in Milan focusing on English‐speaking residents. Easy Milano has since become a preferred network and source of information for the expat community and a communication channel for many consulates, embassies and English speaking businesses and associations in Milan and Italy. In 2002, with experience from Esse.F. srl, a communication and publishing agency within Gruppo Re, Aaron branched out and started an independent communication agency, B Easy Srl, focusing on the local international community. B Easy Srl is the current publisher of Easy MilanoMammamiaKids and offers other marketing and graphic services to corporate clients. B Easy is also noted for its event division and the organization of annual community events such as J4Milan Independence Day Celebration and the U.S. Presidential Election Night.

In November 2015, Aaron joins the Council of the Chamber and gets involved in the projects such as the annual BCCI Gala and the Diversity is Key project.

Aaron is fluent in four languages and is interested in international relations, social behaviors and traveling. He is married to a New Yorker and has two children.